Welcome to KMS With Autumn Star

Autumn Star is in need of your help, simply by helping spread awareness about KMS (Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome)

In November 2011, this little girl was diagnosed with a rare condition, A KAPOSIFORM HEMANGIOENDOTHELIOMA,  a type of tumor.

At 3 weeks of age she had to go through multiple transfusions, 2 Biopsies, a bone marrow aspiration and several blood draws for testing.

Treatment is "Trial", there is no set protocol for this condition and prognosis is yet to be determined.

Please, become an Autumn's Angel by helping spread awareness.

We have bracelets and T-Shirts for sale with a logo that represents Autumn Star.

The leaf represents "Autumn", the star in the middle represents her middle name "Star", as well as being the shape of her scar from the biopsy that gave us this diagnosis.

The proceeds will go to a non-profit organization that has helped in the study of this condition.

Our family is the voice for our little girl and we are her biggest advocate.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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